The ember 19,186

I really enjoyed doing this erasure, though I probably obsessed over it for way too much time, and I think that’s where I struggle the most with things like this. Making permanent choices is rather hard. Yet I can always simply find this speech online and reprint it if I want (or take a quick photo before I erase). It makes me wonder what this act would have meant 30 or 40 years ago, when it was not so easy to find and reproduce whatever the original piece was. I actually ended up blacking out a couple more lines after I took this photo which I think I like better, but my phone died before I could take a picture of that one.

Additionally, congratulations to Meredith for placing 2nd in the R. Windley Hall writing competition for her hybrid piece! While I’m talking about you, Meredith, I’ll go ahead and comment that I really loved your interpretation of the white out choice!



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