Chapel Hill Writing Prompt

Hey guys, I wanted to share what I wrote during the class exercise today. (By the way, wonderful exercise and overall presentation! Thank you Joey, Grace, and Cassidy.)

 To the Media and Police in Chapel Hill

“Muslims–who’d grown up in America” as if that really matters?

result of a parking dispute? why are you all white? where are the Muslim voices? Where are the students’ voices?

what do you know about religious persecution, about hatred for your misconceived identity?

this is another “fiction of the facts”–

the fact that there was a parking dispute

the “fact” that Hicks’ white wife was so incredibly sure this had nothing to do with religion, though her white husband’s homicidal actions took her completely by surprise

How much do you know?

How do you know?

Do you know?

You know? Because the only ones that can prove this a hate crime motivated by religion can’t make it to court.

Will you speak for them?                                                                                                       Or will you continue speaking                                                                                                for Charlie Hebdo

though you are not even French.

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